• Image of Knife - #TheExclusiveEp Vol.1

Knife - #TheExclusiveEp Vol.1


I present to you Volume 1 from ‪#‎TheExclusiveEp‬ series
The ideology behind these EPs is to bring you the best quality
exclusive Knife music that you all love ,and due to their
exclusivenes ,so far only a few people could have them,
but now ,due to the high demand over the years ,you will have the chance to get your hands on your favourite tunes ,some of you waited for them for years ,some are new ,and some are even never heard before ...by no one !
Now lets speak about the way that i put this EP for sale,
the way it works is ,you will be able to order your EP or individual tracks via this site ,there are no full previews of all of these songs ,some even dont have clips of them out there , they are a couple of reasons for that ,first is to continue the exclusivity of the tunes ,so when you order the EP i trust you ,as a customer and a fan ,to not share the music that you paid for ,since if you do order it that means u are a true supporter and YOU deserve it ,the second reason is ,that way you will actually support me ,since everything goes directly to me ,they are no labels ,distribution ,or anything like that behind me. The idea is all of us to be happy ,for you to grab your favoutie Knife tunes ,and for me to see and feel the love and support from you guys! Bassicly thats it ,please if you have any qustions about these EPs or anything you can contact me via e-mail : KnifeDubstep@mail.bg
Feel free to do so ! And dont forget this is only Volume.1 ,expect alot more to come
You can check most of the tracks on my soundcloud which is -
https://soundcloud.com/knife131 there are snippets of the tunes there. Hope you enjoy!